I just needed help with our shower and wedding activities... Davin did an AMAZING job! Honestly, we loved everything he did. SOOO much better than what the original designer did!
Sue C.
For what it's worth, and in my humble opinion, this is the best of the flyer genre I've ever seen for Quizzify.
Al Lewis
Founder, Quizzify
What Davin gave me was BEAUTIFUL. So glad I had him do it instead of trying to do it myself.
Linda S.
Davin, it's a HIT! I LOVE IT!!! WOW WOO HOO!
Rene A.
[Davin] always does a good job.
Lindsey D.
Thank you so much, Davin. S***** told me the banner was terrific! We appreciate your personal attention to our project.
Donna L.
I AM IN LOVE! These are SO awesome!
Holly L.
Davin, thank you for the extraordinary quality of your work.
Michael K.
Wow. This is EFFING A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I'm so glad you were able to knock this out so quickly. THANK YOU!"
Will B.
I showed our save the dates to one of our friends who works in marketing and she said it was the best save the date she has ever seen. Good job.
Christopher R.
Save the Dates • 11/16/15
Wow Davin, this is incredible. You are so talented! I seriously love it.
Jennifer N.
Wedding Invitations • 02/04/16
Thank you so much. I appreciate your skills immensely!
Bill B.
Cookbook • 01/07/17


Growing up as a child of a musician and horticulturist, Davin was exposed to art from a very young age. His mother, Clivia, was a big proponent of museums and classes whereas his father, Chet, encouraged him to play music. When Davin was twelve, he encountered his first graffiti art on a trip to New York City. From that point on, that's all he wanted to do. Years later, after a friend first provided him with a copy of Adobe's Photoshop, he started mixing the two mediums and something happened. He started making graphics for the different sport-teams he was on, and CD covers for the band he was in. At that point, he hadn't realized that he was doing graphic design, but when he got accepted to Seton Hall University, it became clear that he had to follow his heart.

His first internship was at the second largest company in the world, Novartis Pharmaceuticals. There he learned branding due to their strict brand guidelines. His first job was at The Rug Importer in Paramus, NJ. After moving back to Massachusetts so his now fiancee, Alyse, could attend graduate school, Davin bounced around until he landed at a local hot-spot, Paradise Copies Design.

He lives in Holyoke, MA with his fiancee, Alyse and their two dogs Kenzie and Oliver (and two chinchillas, hamster, fish and a bonsai tree.)